JP British Standard - Premium British Lager - 4.8% 

Exceptionally satisfying premium lager brewed with barley and hops grown exclusively in Britain.  Full of flavour and depth coming from three classic British malts, with a quintessentially British aroma. Setting the new standard.  JP British Standard.

Certified gluten free, Vegan 

Available in:  30L kegs, 330ml bottles

JP 1816 - Session IPA - 4.4% 

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Following the epic eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia, 1816 was knownas the year without a summer. Hop harvests across Britain failed and so beer makers turned to America for help. 1816 is a session IPA celebrates the fantastic fusion of American hops with classic British malts. The result is a wonderfully balanced easy drinking IPA, bursting with bold hop flavour.


Available in:  30L kegs, 330ml bottles


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